CabinetM Co-Founder Anita Brearton made sure CabinetM’s Contact Us page was up-to-snuff before writing about the problem of contacting companies in this month’s CMSWire.

“You know the drill: First you interact with a scheduler, then you get passed along to a qualifier, then to the demo person, then to the sales person. When you express some hesitation you are then treated to a barrage of offers and outreach from a senior sales person or two, who are desperate to convert you into a customer when all you really need are some answers to questions on your early path of self-discovery.”

Brearton gives a few tips on making it easy to find you, such as “offer multiple options to connect” and to update your Contact Us page to reflect your customer’s need to get answers.

The (ahem, revamped) CabinetM Contact Us page is up and online too.

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