After months in beta with large brands and agencies, CabinetM today launched its Enterprise Cabinet, making it simple for teams to work together to plan, research and manage marketing technology strategy, acquisition, and implementation across the enterprise. The Enterprise Cabinet helps organizations optimize marketing spend, coordinate efforts around managing the technology they use, and find the technology they need.

Simultaneously, CabinetM is introducing new services to help resource constrained organizations to audit their existing marketing technology environment, find the technologies they need to drive marketing programs, and identify specialty agencies to help with technology implementation.

The Enterprise Cabinet includes five key components that are critical as organizations deploy marketing technology across their organizations:

  • Collaboration architecture to support working at an individual, team or enterprise level.
  • Marketing stack framework to map, track and manage acquired and internally developed technology
  • Contract tracking system to manage subscription renewals and cross-functional purchase agreements
  • Messaging and reporting functionality, based on permissions, to promote cross-functional visibility of technology efforts
  • Enterprise SkillStack environment to manage internal technology proficiency

CabinetM offers two different paid subscriptions – one for the individual marketer, and one for the enterprise.  The company is offering a free 14-day trial so marketers can see how simple it is to manage all of the technology they use.

Try the CabinetM Enterprise Cabinet risk-free, and see why we say CabinetM is “Where Marketing Stacks Up.”

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