Allen Pogorzelski Vice President, Marketing at Openprise, shared the Openprise stack with MarTech Series.

According toPogorzelski, “Openprise solves the garbage-in/garbage-out problem for data-driven sales and marketing teams. Openprise is a data management solution that automates the analysis, cleansing, enrichment, and unification of your data so that you can deliver more effective campaigns and deploy advanced marketing technologies such as marketing automation, account-based marketing, and predictive marketing solutions.”

What does he say about marketing technology and how to manage it?

Our stack starts with our system of record, which is Marketo, and of course, we use Openprise, our data automation solution, to do data onboarding, lead routing, data cleansing, lead-to-account matching, and data unification across our stack. We also use Openprise Data Marketplace to standardize data from multiple third-party data providers like ZoomInfo and SynthIO. Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Crazy Egg are important components too. I like what the folks at CabinetM have done to help marketers share martech stacks with others.

Check out the Openprise listing on CabinetM. 

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