Salesfusion expands its B2B marketing automation suite with a new Emerging Business Solution. The offering is geared towards the small to mid-sized business marketer, and provides a comprehensive suite of B2B automation tools along with the guidance of a Salesfusion account management expert. Empowering the B2B SMB to compete in a data-driven digital world, Emerging Business Solution includes email marketing, lead scoring & nurturing, web analytics, landing pages & forms, social media management, CRM integration and marketing dashboards.

From the release: “Previously, large enterprises had the competitive advantage when it came to marketing technology,” said Carol O’Kelley, CEO of Salesfusion. “Now Salesfusion has leveled the playing field for smaller businesses. Our software with a service ensures emerging businesses have access — to both the enterprise-grade marketing tools and the expertise to use them — their enterprise competitors have been using for years. This is a game-changer for SMB marketers.”

Link: Salesfusion

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