Facebook announced that it has added new Offline Conversion functionality to its Business Manager suite. Agencies and advertisers use Facebook Business Manager for managing multiple Lead Ads accounts, but it has been difficult to attribute offline success to the original campaign or track the overall ROI of Facebook ad spends. With the Offline Conversion solution, agencies and advertisers can now directly connect ads with real-world results, such as in-store sales. By allowing seamless integration with any CRM, POS system or call center, Offline Conversion makes it possible to create campaigns based on Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences, matching transactions to campaigns for accurate offline attribution.

From the release: “We believe marketers should be able to build campaigns around what drives actual transactions. That’s why we created the Offline Conversion solution to help marketers overcome this challenge. By allowing businesses to connect their CRM, point of sale (POS) or call center systems to their Facebook ad campaigns, marketers get attribution and insight they need to understand the non-digital outcomes of any Facebook campaign, including which lead ads are more effective at driving real business results.”

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