Marketing Technology Stacks are such a big deal they get their own awards at the MarTech Conference in San Francisco, where 2,500 marketers are learning about marketing technology.

One of the winners of the Stackies, the awards given to the visual conceptualizations of a marketing stack — where marketers demonstrate their marketing strategy and show the technology that powers that strategy.

Red Wing Stackies winner projected winner being shown off at the opening reception for the MarTech Conference in San Francisco.

Usually these awards are heavy in the technology company category but this year, a company known for its hardworking boots took home a prize — Enterprise Cabinet user Red Wing Shoes.

The Red Wing Shoes stack is awesome for several reasons. First of all, they’re not a tech company — so you get to see what marketing technology operations looks like at a consumer brand, especially one where they have the challenges of channel customers as well as the end consumer. They’ve arranged their stack to show which technologies interface with different stages — it’s truly a “stack” — as well showing the journey of reach, engagement, conversion, and retention with a feedback loop that they use to iterate and optimize.
— Scott Brinker, MarTech Conference host

Red Wing Shoes uses CabinetM’s Enterprise Cabinet to manage its digital transformation.

Marketers are using CabinetM’s Enterprise Cabinet to manage their digital transformation across their organization, as they work in teams or at the enterprise level to track technology in use, being tested and retired. The Enterprise Cabinet allows you to browse 300+ categories and more than 7,000 products to find the technology you need as you build your marketing tools around your strategy, and note the agencies you’re using or evaluating to help you reach your goal — managing both agency contracts and tech subscriptions in one place.

“CabinetM is a daily use case for me as I work with dozens of marketers inside our organization to implement the best marketing stacks for customer acquisition, engagement and retention. The platform provides a way to source and evaluate new products we are considering, while the use, spend, and retirement of the tools that are already implemented.”
— Jeff Harvey, Director of Marketing Operations, Red Wing Shoes

See a high-resolution version of the award-winning Red Wing MarTech stack here. Start building your stack on CabinetM here.

Can the Enterprise Cabinet help you get your arms around internal technology, your staff proficiency and use of tools, and control your marketing spend? A free trial awaits, and you can start building your own prize-winning stacks.

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