With a zillion plates you need to keep spinning in advance of a conference, it’s likely that one or two details will get overlooked. But don’t let vital post-show follow-up land in the regrets pile.

Marketing Technology vendors have developed some great, affordable and user-friendly tools that help you collect the kind of actionable intelligence that reveals when attendees check in to an event, show what booths they visit, which sessions they attend, and can even survey attendees directly to ask for feedback for next time.


EventEdge LIVE is a fully customizable mobile app that makes the most of your trade show product demonstrations and presentations. Find out exactly what you want to know about attendees by making presentations interactive. Attendees can submit questions and participate in polls right from their mobile device, all of which can be easily projected to the presenter’s screen.
BEST FEATURES: EventEdge LIVE can be stand-alone or integrate into your custom EventEdge app. Custom configure your app from a features menu.
PRICING: See vendor for details


Intelligent LEADS by AllianceTech is designed to qualify trade show leads through priority scoring. During the event you can capture leads by scanning business cards or by using any device including 1D, 2D, QR Code, Magstripe, or PVC badge. For more informed, relevant follow-up you can add your notes quickly on the fly with built-in voice command. When leads are synced to the cloud for follow-up, you can pick right up from the in-person conversation started on the trade show floor.
BEST FEATURES: Collect more precisely defined leads through built-in qualification surveys on tablet. Capture valuable data on each lead via a customizable survey with branching logic. Lead capturing is device-agnostic, so you can even scan a business card to automatically sync the lead to the cloud.
PRICING: See vendor for details


Ontrac Attendee Engagement by Omnience is a modular platform that lets you specify which actionable information you want to capture about your trade show booth visitors. Sales and marketing won’t lose the momentum of a qualified lead when the right kind of feedback is captured and analyzed during the event. Ontrac gives you a way to track where attendees go, conduct surveys and get post-show analysis. Ontrac Mobile makes survey completion and social media interaction easy and convenient.
BEST FEATURES: Ontrac RFID customized for real-time, attendee tracking throughout the venue.  RFID badges automatically capture attendee identity, eliminating long lines.
PRICING: See vendor for details


GrowTix software provides full-featured event management for selling tickets, managing schedules, and leveraging the latest in RFID technology for attendee tracking and analysis. GrowTix RFID provides automatic attendee tracking, and also supports Passbook, MMS, Epic Photo Integration and other integrations.
BEST FEATURES: Simple-to-use, system that populates the web, your app, CRM or marketing automation system.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Eventgrid is a powerful event management platform that makes it easy for non-technical business users to quickly set up a branded event website, automate attendee email campaigns, and go mobile and social with drag-and-drop buttons. With no code required, Eventgrid integrates with Passbook, beaconing and a library of other widgets for attendee tracking and analytics.
BEST FEATURES: Built-in CRM that syncs collected leads with Salesforce and other in-house systems and platforms so you never lose the momentum from booth visits.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

Attendease  supports web and mobile features that streamline the attendee management process, tracking attendees right from check-in. With real-time synchronization through premium integration with iBeacon or Eddystone, Attendease lets you check attendees into the event, or into individual sessions. Attendees can connect with one another through in-app messaging to arrange meetings on the spot.
BEST FEATURES:  “Favoriting” button so attendees can  keep track of sessions with just a tap, so you can measure interests pre-event and get feedback from attendees on-site. Collect session specific results with session surveys for detailed analysis.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


IntuiFace by Intuilab adds visual wayfinding and check-in for any conference. Multi-touch displays, RFID and NFC tag readers placed at key spots in your booth or venue make it easy to monitor and interact with attendees to capture data you want. Configure custom IntuiFace displays from scratch, or use templates.
BEST FEATURES: Extensive configuration options lets you connect IntuiFace touch screen and RFID/NFC data to external systems. Fine tune to capture virtually any actionable insight imaginable.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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