Hootsuite has announced the release of Hootsuite Impact, an ROI dashboard designed to help organizations understand the impact of social media campaigns. Designed to be easy to use, Impact includes graphs, tables, and KPI summaries that let performance marketers see how social media channels and campaigns are driving conversions, leads, and sales, as well as month-over-month performance analysis displayed as easily digestible, sentence-based insights. The highly customizable tool also includes benchmarking functionality, enabling marketers to track and monitor competitors’ top-performing content types.  Along with Hootsuite Impact, the company is launching Hootsuite Value Realization services to help enterprises realize the full value of social. Starting with an ROI consultation, Hootsuite’s team of experts will work with enterprises to assess the people, processes, and technology required to create a measurement framework, and establish KPIs that deliver actionable insights.

From the release: “Hootsuite’s goal is to enable organizations to leverage social data to drive business outcomes. With Hootsuite Impact and our Hootsuite Value Realization services, we want to be our customers’ trusted partner in proving and growing the value of social across their organizations,” said Matt Switzer, SVP of Strategy & Corporate Development at Hootsuite.

Link: Hootsuite

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