SEMCopilot is filled with features to make SEM campaigns more manageable. A new PPC management software, SEMCopilot was made for AdWords account managers – particularly “in-house” ones – or business owners whose agency has developed a solid set of campaigns for them but hasn’t been adding much value anymore. SEMCopilot automatically sorts search query reports into actionable categories. Account managers can identify geographic, question-oriented, and commercial terms. For Brand Protection purposes identify whether display ads are running on sites that could expose your brand to criticism on social media. Budget control features include the ability to forecast projected spend for the month based on history and current month performance. Account managers can mark campaigns for pausing and simulate the impact their actions will take ahead of time, and can receive alerts when the spend rate is too high or too low, before it’s too late to take action.

From the Release: “SEMCopilot reflects my years of experience – to be frank – making mistakes with other people’s money,” said Ted Ives, CEO of SEMCopilot LLC. “I manage numerous AdWords accounts on behalf of various clients, and we created this tool to aid me in that endeavor. It became so easy to use, many of my customers can now self manage their own accounts.”

Visit SEMCopilot on CabinetM.

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