Jamboard, the stunning 55-inch cloud-connected whiteboard-style tablet designed to transform brainstorm sessions, has been officially launched in the United States. Until today, Jamboard was only available during an invite-only Early Adopter Program (EAP). Now, teams can “jam” on connected Jamboards, writing with styluses, even erasing with a finger just like a traditional whiteboard. Jamboard uses the same real-time co-authoring that powers Google Docs and the G Suite apps, so teams can collaborate in the same room, or contribute remotely using the Jamboard app for Android and iOS. The Jamboard app makes it easy to join in from anywhere on a phone or tablet, and you can also use the app to claim a Jamboard when you walk into a conference room and start adding any kind of content from G Suite. A G Suite subscription is required, and Jamboard is priced at $4,999 USD.

From the release: “Good ideas become great ones when you work together with your teammates. But as teams become increasingly distributed, you need tools that spur visual creativity and collaboration—a way to sketch out ideas, rev on them with colleagues no matter where they may be in the world and make them real.”

Link: Google Cloud

Visit Google on CabinetM.

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