Qstream, providers of high-performance sales enablement solutions, announced the addition of video coaching to its Coaching Hub platform. With built-in gamification, performance scoring and a tagging system, Qstream Coaching Hub helps sales managers analyze and improve the team’s capabilities in unlimited ways to fit even the most unique KPIs. Now, sales team managers can integrate video for boosting product knowledge proficiency and confidence, and provide individualized feedback for the richest possible picture of the team’s capabilities. Qstream’s Coaching Hub and new video feature will be showcased at the ATD 2017 conference May 21-24 in Atlanta, GA.

From the release: “Video observations can be a valuable tool for managers, but when used independently of a larger coaching framework, including the data insights to support it, they can’t successfully address the biggest barriers to coaching, including who, what, and how to coach, not to mention a very real lack of time,” said Duncan Lennox, Qstream CEO and co-founder. “Qstream is addressing these challenges with the most complete coaching solution available, one that leverages our analytics engine to combine knowledge and skills data with observational and performance data, all in one platform. Our data-driven approach takes the guesswork out of coaching and lays the groundwork for a sustainable coaching culture.”

Link: Qstream

Visit Qstream on CabinetM.

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