In newspapers it’s called “tombstoning” — when you put headlines right up against each other and humans read them as one big sentence. Usually it’s just inappropriate, or laughable.

Know you want to make sure when you build your MarTech stack, the focus is on the work, the programs, and not on a how it looks.

Here’s an example — this week when building the Newsletter stack (a stack of all the marketing technology referred to in the newsletter, we had an odd juxtaposition of the logos for Social Realty Ad Exchange and e-X Advertising Intelligence Platform. The result? Visually amusing, but not appropriate for the team:

No one wants to pull that up in front of the boss.

So here’s a pro tip: In CabinetM, you have the functionality to move around the logos of your stack — You can put them in order of programs you use most, least, or just so you don’t spell out “S-ex” in front of the whole team. Using this feature, here’s how this past Friday’s newsletter stack went out, below. Better, right?


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