Twitter has announced a new Direct Message Card to enable its advertisers to personalize customer interactions, and to drive discovery through enriched Promoted Tweet campaigns and organic sharing. With the new Direct Message Card, social media marketers can engage people using fully customizable Call-to-Action buttons, each one linking to a specific experience within Direct Messages. Businesses can use Direct Message Cards to take advantage of Twitter Ads’ full targeting suite, find a relevant audience to engage in a personal way, at scale.  The Direct Message Card is currently available in limited beta to Twitter advertisers.

From the release: “The Direct Message Card is a robust discovery tool that complements other features we have built to make Direct Messages a powerful canvas for brands to build personalized and scalable conversational experiences, including Welcome Messages, Quick Replies, Custom Profiles, Location Sharing and more. We’re excited to provide brands with additional tools to create new ways of engaging and building deeper relationships with their audiences on Twitter.”

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