The very wise piece in Forbes noting that who we hire as marketers is going to need to change (The Future Of Work In Marketing Should Involve Upskilling, Science And Algorithms) brings up the question:

How do you find the future marketer?

From Forbes contributor Andrew Stephen:

…chief marketers attempt to digitally transform their organizations, and face ever-increasing pressure to extract more value from fewer resources, they are realizing that they also need to reassess what marketing work will entail in the future-oriented marketing teams they are building. And they need to determine which skills their people need for the future.

We have a solution at CabinetM: The SkillStack.

Here’s three steps to go about it:

  1. Plan your strategy. Marketing Strategy always comes first.
  2. Note what Marketing Technology products are going to help you meet your strategy.
  3. Seek out marketers who have skill sets to match the tools, and strategy, that will get you to your goal.

Think about the cost of an employee. Now think of the cost of hiring the wrong employee who cannot support your growth.

Using SkillStacks to get the skills you need will help you build your marketing department of the future.

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