Facebook is strengthening its partnership with Los Angeles-based geo-data company Factual. The Factual platform is based on their Global Places data, which includes more than 65 million businesses in 50 countries. According to an article in GeoMarketing, the two companies, building upon an initiative that began in 2015, continue to work towards more robust place-based attribution capabilities for Facebook users. The newest integration adds access to Factual Crosswalk, an attribute that “correlates third party links or information to provide further context on a specific location,” writes GeoMarketing. In addition to supporting Facebook business pages, Places search and check-ins, Factual Crosswalk connects brick-and-mortar locations to their online presence by mapping proprietary Factual Place IDs to related IDs and URLs.

“The deal essentially is about “more countries, more data,” says, Bill Michels, SVP Product & Partnerships at Factual. “Factual’s quality is always improving, particularly on a global scale, and customers are recognizing its value to their business,” Michels says. “Facebook now gets access to additional global Factual data, which can be leveraged across various Facebook products.”

Link: GeoMarketing

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