Marketo has announced the addition of the Marketo Accelerate program to its robust LaunchPoint partner ecosystem. The new program, when integrated with the Marketo Engagement Platform, is designed to guide emerging enterprises towards growing their business. Marketo’s solutions help marketing professionals understand and engage their target audience, measure the impact of marketing efforts, and manage the team for success. Marketo Accelerate will enable enterprises to listen, learn, and engage with their buyers in personalized and authentic ways.

From the release: “LaunchPoint continues to be the largest and most diverse MarTech and AdTech ecosystem in the industry,” said Robin Ritenour, senior vice president, business development, Marketo. “The Marketo Accelerate program is focused on empowering LaunchPoint MarTech and AdTech companies to differentiate and create value for themselves to customers, prospects, and digital service partners in this ever-expanding landscape.”

Link: Marketo

Visit Marketo on CabinetM.

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