Real Story Group, a marketing technology and digital workplace advisory firm, has released a new enterprise technology landscape graphic. Similar to the MarTech supergraphic, the Real Story Group graphic focuses on tools for employee onboarding, collaboration, productivity, and any other solution designed to fuel better employee experiences and power a smarter workplace. According to an article on CMSwire, the Employee Experience Technology graphic “includes 135 vendors and 200 solutions aimed at helping employees collaborate with colleagues, leverage employee-facing materials and, in general, get work done.”

From the story: “We’ll definitely see an expansion of players,” said Tony Byrne, founder and CEO of Olney, Md.-based Real Story Group. “The major platforms are still going to be there. Microsoft Office and G Suite, and IBM has a lot to say there, too. Slack is not the end of the story. There are going to be more and more tools like Slack that will be mobile and cloud first to fill very specific needs.”

Link: CMSwire

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