Blueshift, the leader in Segment-of-One Marketing, has announced a new AI-Powered Cross-Channel Journey solution. Blueshift empowers growth marketers to leverage AI-Computed Predictive Scores, and include AI-Powered content recommendations at every step of the customer journey using a highly visual and intuitive interface. Blueshift’s unique approach of combining behavioral data, AI & Automation in a unified product enables growth marketers to respond to every customer behavior with a 1:1 customer experience on every channel. Blueshift solves the problem of building personalized, content-rich campaigns and customer journeys with a new approach that brings data, AI & cross-channel automation together into a unified, quick to implement product.

From the release: “Legacy campaign management solutions have made it very hard for most companies to deliver content-rich & personalized customer engagement across every channel. With the launch of AI-Powered Customer Journeys, we are excited to provide growth marketers a new alternative today,” said Vijay Chittoor, co-founder & CEO of Blueshift.

Link: PRNewswire

Visit Blueshift on CabinetM.

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