BlueVenn, provider of multi-channel customer journey management and analytics, has announced a new partnership with Inka Solutions, a specialist marketing and technology company that serves News Media organizations. The partnership combines BlueVenn’s leading analytics and customer journey software with Inka Solutions’ experience and knowledge, forming an integrated solution that enables News Media marketing teams to transform the effectiveness of their online and offline campaigns.

From the release: “Evan Mecak, President of Inka Solutions, said: “I have nearly 20 years first-hand experience with BlueVenn’s Customer Data Platform technology. It’s the most widely adopted marketing analysis and segmentation tool for the newspaper industry. Our philosophy is to provide our clients with cost-effective solutions for fast, reliable data intelligence and the ability to make campaigns more effective. BlueVenn empowers customers, often with limited budgets, with data analysis and marketing capabilities normally reserved for much larger organizations. As a long time user of BlueVenn I’m very excited to have a partnership of Inka capabilities and BlueVenn technology for clients looking to improve the quality of their marketing.”

Link: BlueVenn

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