PowerInbox, an email monetization partner for marketers, agencies and publishers, introduced InboxChoice, a premium advertising network for approved email publishers and advertisers. InboxChoice launches with many publishers, including ABC, Hearst, The Enthusiast Network, and Bonnier, as well as ads from brands Dermstore, Casper, HomeAdvisor, PCH, ForRent.com, and EBay. It matches sought after inventory from popular email publishers with high value advertising content.

From the release: “Our top publishers and advertisers recognize the importance of maintaining quality and sophistication across content and advertising,” said Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of PowerInbox. “Publishers that have worked hard to earn their readers’ trust need to know ad placements will reflect well on their own brand. Similarly, advertisers have shown us they are willing to pay a premium to reach those readers alongside content from these publishers. By narrowing the pool of participants on both sides and maintaining consistent standards for each, we can remove risk of unwanted associations from real time ad selection for premium brands.”

Link: PowerInbox

Visit InboxChoice on CabinetM.

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