The boss has assigned you the daunting task of launching a native advertising campaign, with a full report tracking its performance. It’s not a matter of why,  it’s a matter of when. Worry not, marketer! Pick the right tool based on your time, budget and skill level.

Native Advertising is ad content that fits with the look and feel of any content. “Look and feel” means style and colors, yes, but being truly “native” also recognizes how your ad appears, creatively-speaking. Rather than interrupt the viewer experience, native ads should blend in, and if done right, should also engage the viewer.

Native ads are said to drive higher brand lift, web traffic and purchase intent than traditional ads. Here are some solutions that make native advertising easy, scalable, and measurable across desktop and mobile.


OfferLogic is a native ad platform designed to help business leaders and advertisers boost brand awareness, customer loyalty and sales, but without disrupting the user experience. The platform includes features for testing ad performance, and easy-to-use analytics so that you can make informed decisions.
BEST FEATURES: You can perform A/B & multivariate testing of offers and containers to determine which ones work best. With OfferLogic, you can continuously improve cross-sell performance.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Adtile is a native advertising solution designed for mobile. Publishers and brands can easily monetize mobile through premium, responsive native format, without compromising the experience for website visitors. Produce one ad and Adtile will optimize it for each device it’s displayed on, saving time and money, while increasing user engagement.
BEST FEATURES:  User-friendly dash­board provides performance details of all campaigns and helps you better understand your audience.
PRICING: See vendor for details.  


Avocarrot is a programmatic native ad exchange for mobile apps, based on the premise that non-interruptive advertising is especially important on mobile devices where screen size is limited. The platform demonstrates measurable improvement in mobile app revenue up to 300%.
BEST FEATURES: Quick and easy set up.  Deploy changes over-the-air to all your users at a click of a button.Scale a single campaign across multiple properties.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


StumbleUpon is a content discovery platform that allows people to find and rate products, videos and other content that is personalized to their interests. StumbleUpon leverages peer-sourcing and social-networking principles. Brands, publishers and marketers take advantage of Stumbleupon Ads, a rich, full-screen native advertising solution that makes content itself the ad. Content is presented full-screen, without distraction, to a selected audience based on age, gender, location, device and interests.
BEST FEATURES:  Distribute all forms of content with a URL, including articles, videos and slideshows.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


StackAdapt supports 100% customized, responsive native ad units styled to match any site’s content. Your in-feed native ad is served across 45,000 premium publishers worldwide to attract the interest of your target audience. Brands and agencies can tap into StackAdapt’s resources for paid brand content amplification.
BEST FEATURES: Your content remains on your blog or content hub, ready to be turned into an in-feed native ad.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Bidtellect provides marketers with access to the most sophisticated web-based software. Bidtellect offers native ad planning, buying, selling and overall management all from a single platform. Advertisers, agencies and media companies can manage desktop, mobile, tablet and video native ad placements.
BEST FEATURES: Delivers multi-format in-ad, in-feed and content recommendation placements. Delivers In-depth reporting and highly-efficient optimization technology.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


plista specializes in native advertising and content distribution in premium environments. Featuring strong native engagement formats, plista helps advertisers, website and app owners earn sustainable brand recognition, boost site traffic and monetize more digital products.
BEST FEATURES: Proprietary real-time Recommendation Technology plus user-individual delivery content and advertising across all channels and devices.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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