Big data marketing cloud company Gravity4 has introduced Mona Lisa, the first artificial intelligence (AI) digital assistant for online advertising across 19 countries. Brands use this machine learning prediction management platform to forecast media channels that will achieve optimal results in a programmatic environment. Mona Lisa’s aims are to push predictive analytics, attribution, media buying, optimization and placement into one dashboard.

From the release: “There is a tremendous opportunity for AI in a market that has grown to $200 billion worldwide,” said founder and CEO, Gurbaksh Chahal. “When brands deploy machine learning programmatically, they can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customer engagement. The results are directional guidance for media channels can tune to, which to divest and which to accelerate automatically. This is why we’re proud to announce Mona Lisa. This platform further separates us from Oracle, Adobe, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.”

Link: Huffington Post

Visit Mona Lisa on CabinetM.

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