eCommerce solutions provider Seller Labs is spinning off its successful product, Snagshout, into its own company. Snagshout will operate as an eCommerce platform, and will be led by Seller Labs co-founder and former CEO Paul Johnson.

From the release: “We will be able to help brands connect with and engage shoppers in new and exciting ways. Snagshout will be much more than a great place to find deals on the internet. Snagshout will allow consumers to take a part in the marketing of the products they love. Not only will Snagshout be a product discovery platform but we will also allow brands to connect with socially engaged shoppers and encourage them to share their message across the internet. Our shoppers love to share their opinion on the products they purchase and we believe our platform is poised to become the top influencer destination,” said Johnson.

Link: PRnewswire

Visit Snagshout on CabinetM.

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