Qubit is launching a new AI-powered solution for mobile commerce that will change how consumers discover the product catalog from retailers on mobile devices. Currently in beta, Aura is designed to create an app-like experience that revolutionizes how visitors discover and browse on mobile websites. Building upon Qubit’s award-winning personalization platform, Aura has a mobile-first approach and AI-driven UX. It includes predicted category preferences, discovery-led feeds, context messaging on each product, and the capability to surface relevant products and categories that adapt as the customer engages further.

From the release: “People are spending more time than ever before discovering products on social networks, but they’re mostly browsing, and not buying,” said Qubit CEO Graham Cooke. “Conversely, people go to a mobile store to find a specific product, but they only discover a fraction of the catalog due to the limitations of the screen, site navigation, and search. Using Qubit’s AI and personalization platform we’re going to transform the way product discovery is happening on mobile stores.”

Link: Business Wire

Visit Qubit Aura on CabinetM.

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