Campaign Monitor has launched Insights, an analytics suite providing every customer with a complete view into the health and performance of their email marketing and automation efforts. In aggregating all of the data about subscriber behavior across every list and segment, markers can use Insights to drill into which channels and regions are bringing in the most engaged consumers, identify the specific segments that are fostering higher, healthier levels of engagement, and modify acquisition spend accordingly to accelerate their ROI.

From the release: “Marketers today struggle to understand the impact of their email marketing investments, which inhibits their ability to quickly test and iterate to improve performance,” said Andrea Wildt, CMO, Campaign Monitor. “Every marketer needs access to actionable analytics without requiring the help of a data analyst. Insights continues Campaign Monitor’s mission of building elegant, powerful, and intuitive marketing products for growing businesses — allowing any marketer to quickly understand what’s working and what’s not, so they can take immediate action.”

Link: Business Wire

Visit Campaign Monitor on CabinetM.

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