CabinetM CEO Anita Brearton shared with CMSWire about the panicked and stressed marketer CabinetM comes in contact with nearly every day, sometimes many times a day.

Everyone feels they’re behind when it comes to marketing technology. Everyone feels their spending is out of control. So many feel overwhelmed by the whole process of leading innovation in their own marketing shop.

There are a few steps you can take.

  • Know you’re not alone. There’s a whole marketing community out there feeling that same pain.
  • You are inventing greatness. Know there isn’t a cookie-cutter pattern for you to follow. Each marketing technology stack is different, what our CEO calls “snowflakes.” No stack has the exact mix of programs with the same mix of marketing uses. Each is unique.
  • Know you’re not behind. The person who is truly behind is the one trying to convince his or her company to go digital. Every marketer at every stage reports feeling that “falling-behind” feeling.
  • Take a deep breath. At CabinetM we’ve become partial to iced coffees when working through the problem with a marketer, but we can also do tea. Contact Erica Ross at in our office to set up a consultation.
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