We totally feel Marketo’s pain.

As reported widely, Marketo, the giant of marketing automation, had somehow forgotten to renew its dotcom registration. The short story was auto-renew processes and human error combined to shut down all of billion-dollar company Marketo for its customers, and issues were still being dealt with 24 hours after a fix was made.

Now before you start snickering, this obviously can happen to any of us – even Marketo, which quickly sought to resolve the problem that impacted all its users. CEO Steve Lucas even jumped on twitter to apologize and direct angry users to a FAQ page and an email address for those reporting continuing access problems.

Every marketer can tell you the problem. The solution is CabinetM’s Enterprise Cabinet.

As marketing technology grows, and proactive marketers, sales staff, financial gurus and others within an enterprise purchase software to do their jobs better and faster, the tech it takes to run a business gets out of control.

CabinetM exists to solve that problem. Keep all your tech in one place – know when contracts renew, when you’re paying more than once for technology and when you’re paying for programs no one uses. Find out what your staff uses and knows how to use, and roll that up into one giant marketing stack you can manage in one place, and never miss a domain renewal.

We’d welcome the opportunity to give you a free trial – especially if you’re from Marketo.


Postscript: Need the full story on what happened? MarTech Today, MarTech Series and The Drum covered it, among others.


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