Linqia has just revamped its Performance Platform so that it does more than find social media mavens who can recommend your product: It can score prospective influencers, predicting which influencer will be more successful for a product. Linqia now uses machine learning to analyze influencer content, determine brand affinity, and identify patterns that can predict an influencer’s success based on the brand’s goals.

From the release: “Many platforms today claim to use AI. And while this may be true, it’s important to understand how that AI is being applied,” says Jonathan Pollack, Linqia’s VP of Product. “At Linqia, we use AI for more than simple data processing or categorizing an influencers ‘personality type.’ We built Linqia Performance Platform to analyze billions of data points across five years of performance-guaranteed campaigns and use those insights to predict how influencers will perform against a brand’s specific goals.”

Link: Linqia

Visit Linqia Performance Platform on CabinetM.

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