Datorama, a marketing intelligence company, has launched a new data visualization tool called SmartLenses. SmartLenses analyzes your top marketing sources automatically, giving you comprehensive dashboards that have all the right insights to increase performance. Leveraging Datorama’s AI-powered Marketing Intelligence platform and extensive marketing domain expertise from working with thousands of brands, agencies and publishers, SmartLenses provides marketers with one-click dashboards for their popular marketing data sources to optimize performance, impact and customer loyalty.

From the release: “Marketers today are looking for the right KPIs, trends and analytics to measure their performance, impact and loyalty across an increasingly complex customer journey,” said Leah Pope, CMO, Datorama. “Datorama SmartLenses instantly surfaces the most meaningful measurements, enabling marketers to drive their programs with better insights and smarter decisions in a fully automated process. The solution provides marketing measurement expertise right out of the box.”

Link: MarketWired

Visit Datorama SmartLenses on CabinetM.

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