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Finding community among digital marketers
August 30, 2017 CabinetM Commentary

Marketing Tech in the Hub was held last night at Logmein with marketers, vendors, consultants and others in the marketing technology world chatting it up, learning how others do their jobs and how they all manage the world of MarTech — who they hire, how they buy, and what they need to get marketing done.

Hosted by Erica Seidel, Justin Sharaf and Sam Melnick, there were a few themes that kept popping up:

  • MarTech folks need others who “get” it. Having someone else to talk to who has seen the same issues with buying systems, finding programs that aren’t powerful enough or won’t play well with the talent you have and the system you have in place … finding someone who can nod in agreement is like gold.

Kat Powers, Sheryl Shultz and Katie Martell in Boston at Marketing Tech in the Hub.

  • Everyone knows “that guy” who doesn’t get it. You can’t just say you need to be more digital, you need to have a strategy, and automate the process to do it faster or cheaper.
  • It’s hard to hire in MarTech, and digital marketers in different stages of their career should take heart — you’re needed.

Whether you’re a creator of products or a marketer or you’re marketing operations making it all work together, you’re part of the MarTech community — and that spans from Boston to San Francisco, and is big enough to include New York, Portland, Chicago and other stops in between.

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Getting a handle on your marketing technology stacks
August 29, 2017 CabinetM Commentary

Fully in control of your marketing technology spend, use and adaptation?

If you answered no, you’re not alone.

MarTech Today talked with CabinetM CEO Anita Brearton about the state of the industry, how companies are managing their marketing technology, and the upcoming MarTech Conference in Boston this October, where Brearton will be a moderator.

“We had this huge explosion of new technology in the market landscape, and people started buying technology willy-nilly without any strategy behind it,” says Brearton, “Before you knew it, organizations had tons of technology that they were trying to get their arms around. That was the genesis of CabinetM.”

CabinetM allows marketers, CFOs, marketing operations leaders and CEOs track marketing technology adoption across the enterprise and match it up to the goals of the organization. Money being spent that doesn’t match the bottom line is easy to visualize when you’re matching your marketing technology stack to the enterprise’s strategy.

For more on the state of marketing technology check out the piece in MarTech Today. Have questions about MarTech stacks and your enterprise? Contact Erica Ross in our office at

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Analytics to find out what your customers say
August 29, 2017 Analytics

Your customers are talking. Are you listening? Really listening?

Getting out in front of the trends and issues is made much easier by Speech Analytics software. With Speech Analytics, you can automatically collect and aggregate data — from multiple sources and in multiple languages —  that helps you discover critical issues before they impact your bottom line.

Know exactly what people are saying about your brand on Facebook and Twitter, find out how well your marketing campaigns are working, and see what issues are driving the most trouble tickets. Speech Analytics software helps you convert all kinds of customer conversations into valuable insights that influence smarter decisions, boost your customer experience and drive sales.


CX Analytics uses natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and flexible data categorization to collect data from all survey, social, and interaction feedback. Gain insight into why your customers act the way they do, and how that impacts business performance.
BEST FEATURES: Feedback is enriched with behavioral and demographic data from other business systems, so you can slice-and-dice for deep insights across segments.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Etuma Customer Experience Analytics captures feedback from multiple channels and sources, including help desk, web comments, and email. Text analysis and topic-level sentiment analysis is sorted and organized in easy-to-distribute reports.
BEST FEATURES: Templates for a variety of specific industries that work right out of the box.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


CallMiner Eureka uses speech analytics to listen and capture insights from calls, chat, email, texts, social media, and surveys. View and measure custom KPIs, tag, comment and adjust scores.
BEST FEATURES:  Automatic topic analysis, sentiment/acoustics, categorization, and performance scoring. Helps businesses and organizations improve contact center performance.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Nexidia Analytics is powered by Nexidia Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics. The platform collects, sorts and analyzes data from phone calls, web chat, customer surveys and other customer interactions.
BEST FEATURES: Combines phonetic indexing and search with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for accurate insights hidden deep in your multi-channel customer interactions..
PRICING: See vendor for details.


MK SmartSpeech is powered by Voci HyperVox speech recognition technology. The all-in-one research platform can be customized for smarter call, text and chat analytics, better call center operations and faster transcription services.
BEST FEATURES: Built-in speaker separation, gender identification and emotional intelligence (including silence and talk-over) lets you collect deep insights.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


GetSentiment extracts true sentiment from brand mentions on social media, discussion forums, customer comments, product reviews, web surveys, help desk and CRM records. Customize to detect keyphrases, topical categories, and intention for better insights.
BEST FEATURES: Prebuilt out-of-the-box industry templates for Retail, Electronics and more.
PRICING: Plans start at $74.99 per month.


Verint Speech Analytics is a smart contact center solution that detects words, phrases, categories and themes spoken during millions of calls. Discover valuable insights, improve customer experience and boost contact agent center performance.
BEST FEATURES: Seamless integration with Verint Text Analytics so you can blend your call data with chat, email, and social media.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


ForSight by Crimson Hexagon is a social media analytics tool that lets you listen to online conversations and understand the opinions of consumers. The platform adapts, learning to focus on what matters and ignore what doesn’t.
BEST FEATURES: Ingests and indexes a torrent of customizable data points from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, blogs, forums, and more.
PRICING: $3,000-5,000 monthly.

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Aprimo offers cloud version of its Digital Asset Management tool
August 24, 2017 Data Mangement

Aprimo, provider of a marketing operations platform, today released the software-as-a-service (SaaS) version of its digital asset management (DAM) offering, with the goal of helping marketers achieve quicker deployment times, boosted innovation capabilities, and the ability to scale their businesses at a reasonable cost. Aprimo’s DAM solution—inherited in its March acquisition of ADAM Software—is dedicated to helping marketers create, manage, and deliver consistent and compelling content, including images, documents, and videos, to their customers across a number of digital brand touchpoints.

From the release: Since the acquisition, “we’ve been working towards integration of the companies and products, really to be able to bring together a category-leading marketing productivity product for workflow planning and collaboration with the category-leading digital asset management product,” says Michael Lummus, senior director of product marketing and strategy at Aprimo.

Link: DestinationCRM

Visit Aprimo on CabinetM.

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Pramata adds AI capabilities to customer, partner and supplier data platform
August 24, 2017 Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management

Pramata updated its platform for holding and analyzing existing contracts by adding a suite of AI-enabled features to uncover opportunities in upcoming contract renewals, align prices across partners and find duplications among products when mergers occur. Deployed in dashboards targeted toward specific business problems, the new application suite allows for better management of commercial relationships data and more focused, actionable decision-making.

From the release: “Most software products give you tools and then ask you and your teams to do all the work populating the tools with your data,” said Justin Schweisberger, Pramata’s Chief Product Officer. “Pramata is the only business application that combines the software platform, analytics and normalized customer data to make an immediate business impact and capture each revenue moment. The addition of human-assisted AI ensures customer data is always complete, accurate and up-to-date, and our new applications solve targeted business problems resulting from gaps in the customer lifecycle.”

Link: Pramata

Visit Pramata on CabinetM

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Samsung’s intelligent agent Bixby finally released widely
August 24, 2017 Artificial Intelligence, New Products, Personalization

Bixby, the intelligent agent for Samsung devices was released with language capabilities in U.S. English and Korean. The launch had been delayed since April. Bixby understands talk, text, and taps, so you can easily switch between modes. Bixby also has a feature where you can photograph a product and immediately search for that product online.

From the release: “Now millions of customers worldwide have access to a new and intelligent way of interacting with their phone,” said Injong Rhee, Executive Vice President and Head of R&D, Software and Services of the Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “The expansion of Bixby’s voice capabilities is an initial step in the continued rollout of Bixby functionality. In the future, Bixby will have the learning power to offer more intelligent and personalized interactions and seamless connections across more devices.”

Link: Samsung

Visit Bixby on CabinetM.


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Stack Insights: B2C vs B2B
August 23, 2017 Stack Insights

We know the B2C and B2B marketer is different. Their stacks are different too.

For those of you new to marketing technology stacks, marketers are building stacks on CabinetM to help them plan, manage and collaborate around their marketing technology. Stack Insights offer up the wisdom of the community building stacks on CabinetM — trends in technology, categories of tools, even names of stack layers.

From Stack Insights at CabinetM, here’s what we’re finding in stacks by business type:

  • B2B top product to add to stacks: Google Analytics
  • B2C top product to add to stacks: Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform
  • B2B top layer name: Analytics tied with Social Media
  • B2C top layer name: Analytics tied with Channels
  • B2B top tool category: Web Analytics & Optimization
  • B2C top tool category: Marketing Automation
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Fosina Marketing launches subscription box service
August 22, 2017 Agency

Fosina Marketing Group, a digital marketing services agency with a focus on optimizing Direct-to-Consumer acquisition, has a new service supporting marketers looking to plan their direct to consumer relationships via the very popular “subscription box ” channel. The new service includes a break-even analysis, customer contact strategy, box content analysis and pricing, ROI reporting and proactive recommendations on refinements of all components within the subscription box initiative.

From the release:Today’s Gen Y, X & Z consumers are constantly looking for more efficient methods to procure the products that they need and want in the most efficient and effective means possible. The rise of the home delivered subscription box channel is growing exponentially. Whether it is the delivery of meal components, cosmetics, books, OTT streaming services, Men’s grooming products etc., marketers are moving quickly to secure a strong position in the consideration set for these products and services,” said Jim Fosina, Founder and CEO of Fosina Marketing Group. “In recent months, the subscription box arena has become much more competitive as online merchants are colliding with traditional brick and mortar to position their subscription box offerings and grab market share.”

Link: PR Newswire

Visit Fosina Marketing Group on CabinetM.

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Stack Insights: Eloqua’s StackMates
August 22, 2017 Stack Insights

For those of you new to CabinetM, marketers are building their stacks on the platform to help them plan, manage and collaborate around their marketing technology. Stack Insights offer up the wisdom of the community building stacks on CabinetM — trends in technology, categories of tools, even names of stack layers.

In analyzing our stack data this week, it’s clear there are patterns around some of the larger marketing technology platforms that marketers are implementing in their MarTech stacks.

Just as large planets attract other celestial bodies, large-scale marketing technology platforms attract other, smaller tools, creating their own ecosystems.

We’re also finding it’s not unusual to find an enterprise using Hubspot AND Salesforce, or Eloqua AND Marketo.

Today we’re answering the question, if Eloqua is in a stack, what else do we find alongside it?

Oracle Eloqua is a marketing automation solution that enables marketers to plan and execute automated marketing campaigns while delivering a personalized customer experience for their prospects. These campaigns scale for audiences across all channels including email, display search, video advertising, and mobile.

When we look at stacks built on CabinetM, we find marketers who include Eloqua in their stacks have most often also implemented Google Analytics. As well, many of these Eloqua stacks also include LinkedIn and Adobe Analytics.

Our StackMates graphic (above) has Eloqua at the center, and you can see all the other platforms and tools that are Eloqua StackMates– all these have appeared with Eloqua multiple times in stacks. The farther out you go in our graphic, the less frequently those tools show up with Eloqua on CabinetM.

To learn ways to have your product featured at CabinetM, contact Erica Ross at

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Rethink your agency relationship
August 21, 2017 Agency

It’s not easy, marketer. Budgets for marketing aren’t skyrocketing like the demand on the department. There are thousands of products to help automate the process, but everyone is increasingly being held to the standard of, if it doesn’t contribute to the bottom line, it’s got to go.

Even for companies with marketing technology teams in place, the sheer pace of development and technology evolution is difficult to manage. More than ever, marketing teams need assistance with technology strategy and acquisition.

In CMS Wire this week, CabinetM CEO Anita Brearton walks through the new types of agencies available — and the key factors you’ll want to seek out when choosing a partner to help. Learn about the questions you’ll want to ask and what’s changed in recent years. Get informed so you can be confident in your choice.

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Auditing marketing technology stacks across an enterprise
August 21, 2017 CabinetM Stacks

If you’re Entuity, and you’re one of the world’s leaders in enterprise network management, how do you get control of your own marketing technology needs?

According to Vice President of Global Marketing Laurie Klausner, it starts with auditing your marketing technology stack. Entuity’s Klausner talked to Marketing Technology Today to talk about the year-long process.

To get a full view of what was at play, Klausner used CabinetM, a digital marketing management solution that helps marketers assess how their marketing tools are performing, where there are gaps and how to integrate or replace new technology. She says building Entuity’s marketing stack on CabinetM offered visibility into the changes that needed to happen.

“Using these stacks really helped us put a visual guide behind what we should do and what kind of money we were spending,” says Klausner. “There were also tools we thought were valuable that when we stacked them up, it didn’t make sense. There were some things that made sense locally, but not globally — and that was a learning point for us.”

There are some great lessons picked up from the process that Klausner shares:

  • Involve all the teams using marketing technology. Sales, Marketing, HR … no matter who is buying and using the marketing technology, have them on the team making decisions.
  • Use your analytics. While a department may be passionate about a technology its team has adopted, you can prove by the numbers what works, and what needs to be retired.
  • Know what integrates. Klausner said there are a few core products and anything new must integrate with those core tools, or it won’t even be considered.

You too can build marketing technology stacks at CabinetM – and you can start for free. Contact Erica Ross at CabinetM if you’re looking for help in auditing your marketing technology across your enterprise. She’s at

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Document collaboration startup Huddle acquired by Turn/River Capital
August 20, 2017 Acquisitions, Collaboration

Collaboration-software startup Huddle has been acquired by Turn/River Capital for $89M. The UK-based marketing technology vendor produces enterprise document collaboration software on a global scale. It counts among its customers National Grid and Kia Motors. Huddle has offices in both the United States and the UK.

Link: Newscenter

Visit Huddle on CabinetM.

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Instagram-like shoppable content added to Amazon App
August 17, 2017 Mobile Marketing

Amazon has added Spark to its iPhone App, providing users with shoppable content within an Instagram-like experience. Users can browse categories, seek out users with similar interests, and add other users to your feed. Contributors are required to have a paid Amazon Prime membership. Contributors’ photos have a shopping link on them, allowing others to shop directly from their posts. Spark is available in the U.S. on the Amazon App for iPhone.

Link: Amazon

Visit Amazon App on CabinetM.

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PowerChord adds weather triggers to advertising tool
August 16, 2017 Advertising, Customer

PowerChord, Inc. announces the integration of new weather triggered advertising technology into its suite of multi-location digital marketing solutions for brands and manufacturers who sell through local, independent dealer networks. Now offering a powerful way to reach customers, PowerChord’s weather-specific technology empowers brands by utilizing custom campaign triggers to anticipate consumer demand and capture market opportunity the moment weather strikes. Hyper-targeted campaign rules use forecast elements, such as temperature, wind speed and precipitation, to launch paid search and display ads based on the real-time weather outside consumers’ doors.

From the release: “We are constantly experimenting with new technologies to effectively help our clients reach customers in creative and relevant ways,” said PowerChord CEO, Lanny Tucker. “Our platform supports a wealth of seasonal products and these ads will be an essential way to scale time-sensitive promotions – automating brand-controlled, dealer-to-consumer marketing strategies. Brands will be able to truly capitalize on weather-influenced purchasing and drive more revenue online and specifically through their local dealer networks.”

Link: PR Web

Visit PowerChord on CabinetM.

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Stack Insights: What a consultant puts in a MarTech stack
August 16, 2017 Stack Insights

If you’re in the consulting industry, how do you build your marketing technology stack?

Our Stack Insights data for the last six months shows that consultants have their own preferences in dealing with technology for themselves and their clients.

For those of you new to marketing technology stacks, marketers are building stacks on CabinetM to help them plan, manage and collaborate around their marketing technology. Stack Insights offer up the wisdom of the community building stacks on CabinetM — trends in technology, categories of tools, even names of stack layers.

Noteworthy for the industry:

  • Consultants have more products per stack.
  • The products they choose are different – social media isn’t even in the top 15 products used by consultants, where as generally, more than one social media product is in the top 10.
  • Of the top 10 products, 8 have very robust free versions — when the product isn’t free to all users.

The top 10 products for the last six months, used by those listing their industry as “consultant,” are:

  1. Gmail
  2. Slack
  3. Base
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Google Docs
  6. Autopilot
  7. Google Drive
  8. WordPress
  9. MailChimp
  10. Trello



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Enterprise content platform Acrolinx acquired
August 15, 2017 Artificial Intelligence, Content Marketing

Content platform Acrolinx announced today the majority acquisition and equity growth funding by GENUI, a private investment firm. Bernd-Michael Rumpf, former CEO of SAP SI will invest alongside GENUI and Acrolinx management is expanding its shareholding in the company as part of the transaction. Acrolinx is a leading provider of AI software for enterprise content creation, The investment will help accelerate Acrolinx’s continued global expansion and market leadership.

From the release: “Content matters now more than ever. To reach, engage, and retain customers, you need a lot of high-quality content. While many companies have solved the problem of content distribution, scaling the creation of great content remains a huge challenge. We have shown how Artificial Intelligence is a great way to solve that problem”, says Andrew Bredenkamp, Founder and CEO of Acrolinx.

Link: Acrolinx

Visit Acrolinx on CabinetM.

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Demandbase’s Real-Time Intent uses AI to help find B2B customers
August 15, 2017 Artificial Intelligence

Account-Based Marketing company Demandbase has launched Real-Time Intent, a predictive tool. Similar to how a keyword search signals intent, Real-Time Intent identifies the interests of accounts and buyers at the beginning of the online research stage and then automatically triggers sales and marketing actions throughout the entire ABM funnel. The new Real-Time Intent technology, using artificial intelligence, will help companies discover accounts who are interested in their products and services, create hyper-targeted ads, improve sales intelligence, and personalize website content at scale at the account level.

From the release: “Our scale of business audience reach across the entire web paired with our AI capabilities results in an unparalleled ability to understand business interests in real-time. This technology will give our customers greater reach and superior precision and timing than previously possible,” said Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase. “More importantly, Real-Time Intent will be delivered through a platform and suite of targeting, engagement and conversion solutions so that customers can take immediate actions on the insights.”

Link: Demandbase

Visit Demandbase’s Real-Time Intent on CabinetM.

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Court: LinkedIn must open public profile data to others
August 15, 2017 Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn has been ordered to remove technology that blocked scraping of public profile data of its site. US District Judge Edward Chen ruled for San Francisco-based hiQ Labs, which noted it had automated what HR departments do every day — check the public-facing profiles of job holders and candidates. hiQ Labs’ Keeper tool “offers predictive attrition insights about an organization’s employees based on publicly available data. The solution turns those attrition insights into consumable, easy-to-deploy action plans so HR and business leaders can retain their key talent.”

As CMS Wire reports:

Early in July Mark Weldrick, hiQ’s CEO wrote that “we do nothing more than what employers, recruiters and HR departments do every day.” He went on to add that Google, Yahoo! and Bing, also copy and index LinkedIn data and display that information in their search engine results for all the world to see.”

LinkedIn has said it will appeal the decision.

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Toluna adds QuickCommunities to QuickSurveys platform
August 14, 2017 Market Research & Planning

Toluna, provider of on-demand, real-time digital consumer insights by survey, launched QuickCommunities, a do-it-yourself product enabling you to build, create and recruit your target consumers into a custom community experience for real-time discussions, events and/or focus groups.  QuickCommunities is the latest addition to Toluna’s real-time digital insights platform, QuickSurveys.  This unique combination of quantitative and qualitative tools allows you to build upon survey feedback and obtain deeper insights, in real-time, allowing you to make better business decisions faster.

From the release: “Toluna is transforming how insights are generated by making it easy for any company to garner actionable insights on demand about consumers – anywhere in the world – most important to their business,” said Frédéric-Charles Petit, CEO, Toluna. “We have designed our real-time, DIY research platform to provide a full suite of tools that made market and customer intelligence more accessible, accurate and affordable so businesses can confidently engage with precisely targeted consumers as they wish, and obtain actionable information that informs important and ever-more real-time brand decisions.”

Link: Toluna

Visit Toluna QuickSurveys on CabinetM.

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Stack Insights: New to stacks at CabinetM
August 14, 2017 Stack Insights

Diving into CabinetM’s stack data for the past month we’re finding marketers adding new products to their stacks. Marketers in our community have more than 7,000 products from which to choose — these three have never been among the top 10 choices for marketers on our platform.

For those of you new to marketing technology stacks, marketers are building stacks on CabinetM to help them plan, manage and collaborate around their marketing technology. Stack Insights offer up the wisdom of the community building stacks on CabinetM — trends in technology, categories of tools, even names of stack layers.

  • CrazyEgg is a Crazy Egg is a heatmapping analytics tool that helps marketers visually identify the most popular areas of a given page.
  • Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub is a massively scalable platform to store any amount or type of data, in its original form, for as long as desired or required.
  • AWeber provides web-based email marketing software, autoresponders and sign up forms for small businesses, solopreneurs, bloggers and online marketers.

Do you have questions about products in CabinetM’s marketing technology stacks? Contact Erica Ross on our team at

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