Adbrain has added AI to its customer identity tools. Adbrain’s new multi-dimensional identity methodology creates cohorts of identities across three dimensions of data: People, Places and Devices, to allow for a more sophisticated view of identity to be built through Adbrain’s Customer ID Maps. Marketers will benefit from this advanced technology solution by being able to personalize the marketing experience more deeply than ever before, and technologists will be able to create new revenue lines by refining identity-based, personalization tools.

From the release: “We are thrilled to bring Adbrain’s Identity AITM technology to market and enhance the way marketers and their partners are able to understand their customers on a deeper, multi-dimensional level,” said Gareth Davies, CEO, Adbrain. “Identity is nuanced, and it’s time the industry starts understanding customers on a deeper level. We are excited to continue to provide an independent view on identity and provide our customer ID maps to the ad and martech ecosystems to the benefit of the marketer.”

Link: PR Web

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