LinkedIn has been ordered to remove technology that blocked scraping of public profile data of its site. US District Judge Edward Chen ruled for San Francisco-based hiQ Labs, which noted it had automated what HR departments do every day — check the public-facing profiles of job holders and candidates. hiQ Labs’ Keeper tool “offers predictive attrition insights about an organization’s employees based on publicly available data. The solution turns those attrition insights into consumable, easy-to-deploy action plans so HR and business leaders can retain their key talent.”

As CMS Wire reports:

Early in July Mark Weldrick, hiQ’s CEO wrote that “we do nothing more than what employers, recruiters and HR departments do every day.” He went on to add that Google, Yahoo! and Bing, also copy and index LinkedIn data and display that information in their search engine results for all the world to see.”

LinkedIn has said it will appeal the decision.

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