Account-Based Marketing company Demandbase has launched Real-Time Intent, a predictive tool. Similar to how a keyword search signals intent, Real-Time Intent identifies the interests of accounts and buyers at the beginning of the online research stage and then automatically triggers sales and marketing actions throughout the entire ABM funnel. The new Real-Time Intent technology, using artificial intelligence, will help companies discover accounts who are interested in their products and services, create hyper-targeted ads, improve sales intelligence, and personalize website content at scale at the account level.

From the release: “Our scale of business audience reach across the entire web paired with our AI capabilities results in an unparalleled ability to understand business interests in real-time. This technology will give our customers greater reach and superior precision and timing than previously possible,” said Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase. “More importantly, Real-Time Intent will be delivered through a platform and suite of targeting, engagement and conversion solutions so that customers can take immediate actions on the insights.”

Link: Demandbase

Visit Demandbase’s Real-Time Intent on CabinetM.

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