If you’re Entuity, and you’re one of the world’s leaders in enterprise network management, how do you get control of your own marketing technology needs?

According to Vice President of Global Marketing Laurie Klausner, it starts with auditing your marketing technology stack. Entuity’s Klausner talked to Marketing Technology Today to talk about the year-long process.

To get a full view of what was at play, Klausner used CabinetM, a digital marketing management solution that helps marketers assess how their marketing tools are performing, where there are gaps and how to integrate or replace new technology. She says building Entuity’s marketing stack on CabinetM offered visibility into the changes that needed to happen.

“Using these stacks really helped us put a visual guide behind what we should do and what kind of money we were spending,” says Klausner. “There were also tools we thought were valuable that when we stacked them up, it didn’t make sense. There were some things that made sense locally, but not globally — and that was a learning point for us.”

There are some great lessons picked up from the process that Klausner shares:

  • Involve all the teams using marketing technology. Sales, Marketing, HR … no matter who is buying and using the marketing technology, have them on the team making decisions.
  • Use your analytics. While a department may be passionate about a technology its team has adopted, you can prove by the numbers what works, and what needs to be retired.
  • Know what integrates. Klausner said there are a few core products and anything new must integrate with those core tools, or it won’t even be considered.

You too can build marketing technology stacks at CabinetM – and you can start for free. Contact Erica Ross at CabinetM if you’re looking for help in auditing your marketing technology across your enterprise. She’s at Eross@cabinetm.com.

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