Fosina Marketing Group, a digital marketing services agency with a focus on optimizing Direct-to-Consumer acquisition, has a new service supporting marketers looking to plan their direct to consumer relationships via the very popular “subscription box ” channel. The new service includes a break-even analysis, customer contact strategy, box content analysis and pricing, ROI reporting and proactive recommendations on refinements of all components within the subscription box initiative.

From the release:Today’s Gen Y, X & Z consumers are constantly looking for more efficient methods to procure the products that they need and want in the most efficient and effective means possible. The rise of the home delivered subscription box channel is growing exponentially. Whether it is the delivery of meal components, cosmetics, books, OTT streaming services, Men’s grooming products etc., marketers are moving quickly to secure a strong position in the consideration set for these products and services,” said Jim Fosina, Founder and CEO of Fosina Marketing Group. “In recent months, the subscription box arena has become much more competitive as online merchants are colliding with traditional brick and mortar to position their subscription box offerings and grab market share.”

Link: PR Newswire

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