Pramata updated its platform for holding and analyzing existing contracts by adding a suite of AI-enabled features to uncover opportunities in upcoming contract renewals, align prices across partners and find duplications among products when mergers occur. Deployed in dashboards targeted toward specific business problems, the new application suite allows for better management of commercial relationships data and more focused, actionable decision-making.

From the release: “Most software products give you tools and then ask you and your teams to do all the work populating the tools with your data,” said Justin Schweisberger, Pramata’s Chief Product Officer. “Pramata is the only business application that combines the software platform, analytics and normalized customer data to make an immediate business impact and capture each revenue moment. The addition of human-assisted AI ensures customer data is always complete, accurate and up-to-date, and our new applications solve targeted business problems resulting from gaps in the customer lifecycle.”

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