Bixby, the intelligent agent for Samsung devices was released with language capabilities in U.S. English and Korean. The launch had been delayed since April. Bixby understands talk, text, and taps, so you can easily switch between modes. Bixby also has a feature where you can photograph a product and immediately search for that product online.

From the release: “Now millions of customers worldwide have access to a new and intelligent way of interacting with their phone,” said Injong Rhee, Executive Vice President and Head of R&D, Software and Services of the Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “The expansion of Bixby’s voice capabilities is an initial step in the continued rollout of Bixby functionality. In the future, Bixby will have the learning power to offer more intelligent and personalized interactions and seamless connections across more devices.”

Link: Samsung

Visit Bixby on CabinetM.


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