Your customers are talking. Are you listening? Really listening?

Getting out in front of the trends and issues is made much easier by Speech Analytics software. With Speech Analytics, you can automatically collect and aggregate data — from multiple sources and in multiple languages —  that helps you discover critical issues before they impact your bottom line.

Know exactly what people are saying about your brand on Facebook and Twitter, find out how well your marketing campaigns are working, and see what issues are driving the most trouble tickets. Speech Analytics software helps you convert all kinds of customer conversations into valuable insights that influence smarter decisions, boost your customer experience and drive sales.


CX Analytics uses natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and flexible data categorization to collect data from all survey, social, and interaction feedback. Gain insight into why your customers act the way they do, and how that impacts business performance.
BEST FEATURES: Feedback is enriched with behavioral and demographic data from other business systems, so you can slice-and-dice for deep insights across segments.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Etuma Customer Experience Analytics captures feedback from multiple channels and sources, including help desk, web comments, and email. Text analysis and topic-level sentiment analysis is sorted and organized in easy-to-distribute reports.
BEST FEATURES: Templates for a variety of specific industries that work right out of the box.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


CallMiner Eureka uses speech analytics to listen and capture insights from calls, chat, email, texts, social media, and surveys. View and measure custom KPIs, tag, comment and adjust scores.
BEST FEATURES:  Automatic topic analysis, sentiment/acoustics, categorization, and performance scoring. Helps businesses and organizations improve contact center performance.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Nexidia Analytics is powered by Nexidia Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics. The platform collects, sorts and analyzes data from phone calls, web chat, customer surveys and other customer interactions.
BEST FEATURES: Combines phonetic indexing and search with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for accurate insights hidden deep in your multi-channel customer interactions..
PRICING: See vendor for details.


MK SmartSpeech is powered by Voci HyperVox speech recognition technology. The all-in-one research platform can be customized for smarter call, text and chat analytics, better call center operations and faster transcription services.
BEST FEATURES: Built-in speaker separation, gender identification and emotional intelligence (including silence and talk-over) lets you collect deep insights.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


GetSentiment extracts true sentiment from brand mentions on social media, discussion forums, customer comments, product reviews, web surveys, help desk and CRM records. Customize to detect keyphrases, topical categories, and intention for better insights.
BEST FEATURES: Prebuilt out-of-the-box industry templates for Retail, Electronics and more.
PRICING: Plans start at $74.99 per month.


Verint Speech Analytics is a smart contact center solution that detects words, phrases, categories and themes spoken during millions of calls. Discover valuable insights, improve customer experience and boost contact agent center performance.
BEST FEATURES: Seamless integration with Verint Text Analytics so you can blend your call data with chat, email, and social media.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


ForSight by Crimson Hexagon is a social media analytics tool that lets you listen to online conversations and understand the opinions of consumers. The platform adapts, learning to focus on what matters and ignore what doesn’t.
BEST FEATURES: Ingests and indexes a torrent of customizable data points from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, blogs, forums, and more.
PRICING: $3,000-5,000 monthly.

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