Fully in control of your marketing technology spend, use and adaptation?

If you answered no, you’re not alone.

MarTech Today talked with CabinetM CEO Anita Brearton about the state of the industry, how companies are managing their marketing technology, and the upcoming MarTech Conference in Boston this October, where Brearton will be a moderator.

“We had this huge explosion of new technology in the market landscape, and people started buying technology willy-nilly without any strategy behind it,” says Brearton, “Before you knew it, organizations had tons of technology that they were trying to get their arms around. That was the genesis of CabinetM.”

CabinetM allows marketers, CFOs, marketing operations leaders and CEOs track marketing technology adoption across the enterprise and match it up to the goals of the organization. Money being spent that doesn’t match the bottom line is easy to visualize when you’re matching your marketing technology stack to the enterprise’s strategy.

For more on the state of marketing technology check out the piece in MarTech Today. Have questions about MarTech stacks and your enterprise? Contact Erica Ross in our office at eross@cabinetm.com

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