Marketing Tech in the Hub was held last night at Logmein with marketers, vendors, consultants and others in the marketing technology world chatting it up, learning how others do their jobs and how they all manage the world of MarTech — who they hire, how they buy, and what they need to get marketing done.

Hosted by Erica Seidel, Justin Sharaf and Sam Melnick, there were a few themes that kept popping up:

  • MarTech folks need others who “get” it. Having someone else to talk to who has seen the same issues with buying systems, finding programs that aren’t powerful enough or won’t play well with the talent you have and the system you have in place … finding someone who can nod in agreement is like gold.

Kat Powers, Sheryl Shultz and Katie Martell in Boston at Marketing Tech in the Hub.

  • Everyone knows “that guy” who doesn’t get it. You can’t just say you need to be more digital, you need to have a strategy, and automate the process to do it faster or cheaper.
  • It’s hard to hire in MarTech, and digital marketers in different stages of their career should take heart — you’re needed.

Whether you’re a creator of products or a marketer or you’re marketing operations making it all work together, you’re part of the MarTech community — and that spans from Boston to San Francisco, and is big enough to include New York, Portland, Chicago and other stops in between.

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