Capturing leads is the first worry of every decent marketer, but not every approach is the same:  Some work immediately, whereas others build long-term lead growth and higher conversion rates.

Picking the right approach is necessary for capturing leads, which directly affects the potential success of your business.

Let’s go over a couple of short-term and long-term approaches that will help you capture more leads in 2017.

1. Optimize your home page

With so many visitors landing first on your homepage, it is essential that it is completely optimized for your visitors. The key element present on your homepage is the message. Prospects should immediately show what your business is about.

The page should be designed with a simple approach, to ensure easier website navigation.

Furthermore, it should be easy to navigate from the homepage to the other parts of the site. This is done with careful menu placement and calls to action moving users deeper into the site.

Lastly, have a call to action asking readers to leave information. A subscription to your newsletter, a “contact us” button or registration should always be on that homepage, in addition to product pages where users may spend the most time.


2. Work on building that mailing list

Having the newsletter button on the homepage is only a starting point for growing your mailing list.

Offer freebies: If you’re creating content, combine what you’ve already crated into an immersive

eBook. If you are running an eCommerce shop, grow your mailing list by offering promotional coupons or incentives to your visitors. Taking these steps will allow you to significantly grow the number of loyal customers. But why is all this important?

People in the mailing list are already interested in your product or service, or they wouldn’t have left their contact information for you. With email automation software, you get the chance to reach out to thousands already interested in you. Plus with all the available software tools, you can easily follow conversion rates and optimize email templates for better results.


3. Make your website more interactive

Millions love interacting via social media websites, and they expect the same from business websites. This is why implementing live chat features area good option. It serves to help customers when they need you the most. Offering customers a little bit of time with a live chat agent is one of the most effective ways in capturing leads. Even though web pages contain a lot of details about a particular product or service, customer can always have a question or two.

Reaching out to you through your business email creates a time lag for prospects, but, with a live chat tool implemented, they can easily contact you in real time


4. Share your wisdom

Once you have built up a mailing list, start hosting webinars about a variety of topics in your niche. This is a long-term plan that gives results, if you are consistent and dedicated. Use that content as part of a social media or email campaign, or use those tools to promote the webinar. Get your information out on as many channels as possible to continue to fill the funnel.


5. Vary your content

High-quality content helps you engage your visitors and point them in a particular direction.

When it comes to variety, using only text may not be the most effective approach for increasing authority and capturing leads. It is a better option to combine images, text, audio and video on your blog and social media streams, in addition to your regular product pages.

With this amount of variety, you can expect to receive much higher traffic to your business website. This approach will help you significantly improve the amount of captured leads. However, it is important to note that the strategy of working on quality content takes time to become effective, therefore, the sooner you begin, the better your results are going to be.


Get started

With these techniques, you are going to be able to easily capture more leads in 2017. As you build, measure your impact, put more resources toward what works, and measure again. This will allow you to create the perfect approach that works great for your business.


Author Bio: Jason Grills is a technical writer currently associated with ProProfs Chat. He enjoys writing about emerging customer support products, trends in customer support industry and the financial impacts of using such tools. In his spare time, Jason likes traveling extensively to learn about new cultures and traditions.


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