HubSpot announced upgrades to its “Professional” offering of HubSpot Sales, adding automation, predictive lead scoring, and other advanced features for growing sales teams. The platform has added smart email templates, document tracking, automated meeting calendar functionality, web chat, predictive lead scoring, and automated email sequences.

From the release: “When we launched HubSpot Free CRM and Sales at INBOUND 2014, our goal was to create a new suite of tools that would help our customers grow their businesses faster. The good news is that it worked – but as our customers have scaled their businesses, their sales software needs have evolved as well,” said Brian Halligan, co-founder and CEO of HubSpot. “HubSpot Sales Professional is the next step up, and has the tools growing sales teams need to open better relationships and close more deals.”

Link: HubSpot

Visit HubSpot Sales Professional on CabinetM.

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