Demandbase relaunched its B2B marketing automation platform as Demandbase ABM Platform, with a simpler setup and ability to manage account-based campaigns across the entire funnel.  The tool includes targeting, engagement and conversion solutions as one integrated platform. Demandbase is now using AI to improve account identification rates and boost close rates by providing greater insights to sales teams. The new platform also offers users a straightforward self-service interface that makes it easy to select target accounts, manage audiences across campaigns, integrate account information from a CRM system, and measure the performance of ABM programs based on pipeline and revenue.

From the release: “There are too many risks and technical barriers to overcome in trying to stitch together an ABM strategy using disparate technologies that don’t use a common data model to follow and measure a business audience throughout the entire funnel and lifecycle,” said Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase. “What’s been missing from ABM technology is an integrated platform that makes it easier to implement, execute and grow your ABM efforts seamlessly. I’m confident the new AI-based platform introduced today with fully integrated targeting, engagement and sales conversion solutions will set us apart for many years to come.”

Link: Demandbase

Visit Demandbase ABM Platform at CabinetM.

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