Qubit has released Aura from beta. Aura is Qubit’s new technology designed to create an app-like Instagram-like experience that revolutionizes how visitors discover and browse on mobile websites. Building upon Qubit’s award-winning personalization platform, the new mobile innovation in development has been designed with a mobile-first approach and AI-driven UX. It includes predicted category preferences, discovery-led feeds, context messaging on each product, and the capability to surface relevant products and categories that adapt as the customer engages further. Effective tactics such as social proof messaging and urgency are deployed alongside each product to increase confidence and provide the customer with additional context.

From the release: “Personalization starts with product discovery, and the results from our beta program prove that if you can increase product discoverability, you can increase your revenue,” said Graham Cooke, CEO of Qubit. “Ecommerce companies can maintain relevance and differentiate from giants like Amazon with a focus on increased product discoverability. For businesses looking to be customer-centric with personalization, Qubit Aura is a tangible, straightforward, quick to implement, and unique experience for every single visitor.”

 Link: MarketWatch
Visit Qubit Aura on CabinetM.
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