If you are a Marketo user, what other technology is in your stack? We analyzed CabinetM’s stack data this week to answer that question.

Our StackMates graphic (above) has Marketo at the center, and you can see all the other platforms and tools that have appeared with Marketo multiple times in the stacks built on CabinetM. The farther out you go in our graphic, the less frequently those tools show up alongside Marketo in those stacks.

Here are three quick insights based on our analysis:

  • There is more product diversity in stacks where Marketo is an anchor platform.
  • Salesforce is very prominent in Marketo stacks.
  • It’s not unusual to find an enterprise using more than one marketing automation platform: Hubspot AND Marketo, or Eloqua AND Marketo.

For those of you new to CabinetM, marketers are building their stacks on our platform to help them plan, manage and collaborate around their marketing technology. Stack Insights offer up the wisdom of the community, and showcase trends in technology, categories of tools, even names of stack layers.

See more Stack Insights on CabinetM.

Focused primarily on audience engagement, the Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform capabilities include marketing automation, cross-channel engagement, personalization and other tools to build lasting customer relationships.

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