Data Gran launches AdOptimizer, a tool that can remove the human entirely from Facebook and Instagram advertising. AdOptimizer uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine what the top-performing collateral and target parameters will be on Facebook and Instagram. It then chooses and places those ads on those platforms. Using Eye, its machine-learning tool, AdOptimizer takes 1-3 days to learn its product and accurately place the best ad in the best location.

From the release: “Then we fetch all that data — who clicked, what they clicked, on what devices, what different parameters are working — and take that to our artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically predict which creative will work best and with which specific audiences for the rest of the campaign,” Carlos Mendez, founder and CEO of Data Gran, explained in a phone interview. That combination is often not what the advertiser had assumed.

Link: Martech Today

Visit AdOptimizer on CabinetM.

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