Optimizely, the experimentation platform allowing marketers to A/B test their content, has launched Optimizely Academy for marketers. Academy offers in-depth resources, courses and certification programs for marketers and developers needing new skills in marketing technology. The Optimizely Academy offers a tailored experience for each user and team based on the maturity of their experimentation program. Academy is part of the Optimizely Optiverse platform.

From the release: “We introduced the initial version of our online training program three years ago and have invested significant resources along the way to understand what content customers found most engaging and what areas we needed to revamp. We want our customers to learn the experimentation skills they need to be successful, and our new Academy reflects a continued investment from us to help instill this culture in the industry. The redesigned customer experience tailored to each user, along with new in-depth courses and certification programs, are just the beginning of what we hope will be a successful, engaging learning experience,” Adam Avramescu, Director, Optiverse and Customer Education said.

Link: Martech Series

Visit Opitmizely Academy on CabinetM.

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