Axciom company LiveRamp has launched a new omnichannel customer indenty tool, this time aimed at agencies. The LiveRamp IdentityLink for Agencies allows consultants to scale people-based marketing capabilities across platforms and channels for their clients.Use IdentityLink to resolve everything from purchase and behavioral data to campaign impressions back to a consumer for an omnichannel view.

From the release: “Last year, we announced an ambitious initiative to build a standard for omnichannel identity resolution that incorporated everyone in the ecosystem – marketers, agencies, technology providers, data owners, and publishers,” said Anneka Gupta, co-president of LiveRamp. “With this launch, we’ve completed the first phase of this initiative–and all of these key players can now use IdentityLink to collaborate to improve the relevancy of marketing. We’ll now shift our focus to ensuring data can move in any direction needed–offline to digital, digital to digital, and digital back to offline–to create an omnichannel view of the consumer that can be activated seamlessly across any medium.”

Link: MarTech Series

Visit IdentityLink for Agencies on CabinetM.

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