What’s an ad network and how do I use it?

You want to get your ad in the right place but at the right price and the right time. Is there a way to get in and automate the process?

An Ad Network specializes in aggregating unsold inventory — ad space — from a variety of online publishers, and coordinating to sell that space to advertisers.

Chief Martech in its historical perspective notes, “At the most basic level, ad networks pool inventory of unsold ads from publishers and sell it to advertisers. They earn money by taking a cut of ad revenue, sometimes marking-up inventory before selling it.”

Ad Networks may operate alone, or align as a group to form Ad Exchanges. Ad Networks can be used by publishers as well as the software platforms used by marketers to access those networks.

What sorts of ad networks do you want to use? Some will cater to bloggers or blogging platforms. Some will work for unsold space on mobile networks. Check out the tools below to see what will cater to your advertising needs.


ExoClick is a Barcelona-based ad network currently serving over 125 billion ad views monthly. The platform provides advanced ad targeting across a wide variety of criteria including IP range, keyword, browser, OS, and channel. ExoClick offers banner ads of many sizes, click-triggered pop-unders, cost-per-click enabled text ads, customizable in-video ads, interstitials, direct links and native advertising. Included is a free app allowing ExoClick’s advertisers and publishers to access their accounts via Android.
BEST FEATURES: ExoClick offers Instant Messenger chat boxes for dating and livecam products and positions itself as an AdSense alternative.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


RevMob Mobile Ad Network enables global publishers, developers and advertisers to maximize their Cost per Thousand using an algorithm with a simple Software Development Kit implementation. The platform creates engaging mobile campaigns using innovative ad formats, including Rich Media, Banners, Interstitial, and video formats that increase message impact.
BEST FEATURES: Integration with simple two-line SDK that supports every ad unit format to drive higher revenues. Supports App Store, Google Play, Amazon, Baidu, Appslib, SlideMe, GetJar, Tencent and many other stores.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


The Adperium advertising network is a self-serve tool currently monetizing 400+ million banner impressions for 3,000+ advertisers daily. Adperium is geared towards young males 18-34 in the entertainment and technology verticals. Advertisers can start with a $50 budget and start a campaign in two minutes. All publishers are manually verified, but once in the system, they may create a customized seller profile, and retrieve ad tags.
BEST FEATURES: While the process is automated, the vendor verifies both publishers and blocks malvertising.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Gay Ad Network is an advertising marketplace for connecting advertisers with gay consumers. Its advertising and audience targeting platform serves rich media, video and mobile ad impressions within premium gay and non-gay digital media, uses direct and programmatic buying techniques to execute digital media campaigns across display, mobile, and video inventory.
BEST FEATURES: Reaches consumers on apps used by the GBLT community and mainstream apps.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


AdSupply is focused on solving the problems of banner blindness, viewability, and fraudulent traffic through better technology and more unique visitor engagements. AdSupply features next generation display advertising engines based on user interaction instead of strictly page view.
BEST FEATURES: One tag, any configuration, including page-under, interstitial, overlay, floating banner and patent-pending “Before You Go” messaging. Universal Ad Tags are streamlined to run fast and maintenance-free to spend less time managing tags.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


AdTheorent, through its Real Time Bidding-enabled mobile ad network, bids intelligently on mobile inventory on an impression-by-impression basis, within an advertiser’s desired pricing and enhanced targeting parameters.
BEST FEATURES: Analyzes 50,000+ advertising impressions per second. Built to address the specific needs of the mobile advertising ecosystem in a Real Time Bidding environment.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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