Protagonist, the company with tools to provide analysis of narratives, has added features that help marketers scale empathy. Protagonist identifies, measures, and provides strategies for taking control of  narratives–the deeply held beliefs that drive human behavior. The addition of artificial intelligence means Protagonist can now process millions of data points of structured and unstructured dialogue to uncover existing narratives, track changes in public beliefs, and highlight growing sentiments at scale. The product update also includes a playbook providing guidance for those creating the message, a system for finding the correct channels for the message, and identifies the influencers already driving the conversation in public spaces.

From the release: “Highly resonant, customer communication is what drives results today,” said Protagonist CEO and founder, Doug Randall. “Through AI, we can not only access and analyze valuable customer beliefs, we can deliver empathy at scale to develop content, communications, and products that connect deeply with customers. Better engagement equates to better results for marketers driving company growth.”

Link: Protagonist

Visit Protagonist at CabinetM.

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